Dorset Park Community Hub


Dorset Park Community Hub is a place where everyone has equal access to a wide range of free services and supports vital to the well being of the community. The hub is also a place where community can have access to space to run initiatives and programs of their own. The total space of this Community Hub is approximately 10,000 square feet and houses a variety of programs and services.



  • Ontario Early Years programs
  • Summer programs


  • Employment services
  • Youth drop-in programs
  • Summer programs
  • School reintegration
  • GED programs


  • English conversation circles
  • Multicultural community kitchens
  • Resident engagement
  • Records suspension/pardon


  • Resident engagement
  • Anger management
  • Records suspension/pardon
  • Housing help for men in conflict with the law


  • Yoga
  • Senior’s Cafe
  • Retirement plan education
  • Resident engagement


  • Food bank
  • Debt solutions
  • Budgeting
  • Computer access/programs
  • Support for family members and caregivers with a loved one with mental illness of any diagnosis
  • Parent relief programs
  • Employment help


  • Settlement counselling
  • Information and referrals for newcomers
  • Newcomer orientation
  • Free citizenship classes

Residents from the community can engage through Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC) to:

  • Build leadership skills and volunteerism
  • Build self empowerment and capacity
  • Connect to programs and services
  • Start up their own project/programs to serve the community
  • Build a Neighbourhood Association or lead improvements in the community


Agincourt Community Services (Lead Agency)

ACSA is a non-profit, multi-service agency that helps local, residents including newcomers, immigrants, families, children, seniors and adults. 

Onsite services include:

  • Food bank
  • Newcomer and settlement services
  • Ontario Early Years Centre programs
  • Food Security initiatives

VHA Home Healthcare

VHA Home Healthcare provides home and community support services, as well as volunteer opportunities. We help adults, children, seniors and families in need of temporary personal or home support in times of need. We also offer caregiver relief services, hoarding support and end-of-life care.
The Volunteer Coordinator can be reached at 647-849-1546

ACCESS Employment

ACCESS Employment offers assessments and referrals for employment services. They help anyone who is in need of finding employment.

The Dorset Park Neighbourhood Association

The Dorset Park Neighbourhood Association is made up of a group of diverse individuals living across the neighbourhood who strive to make positive changes in their communities. We work on local issues and projects to empower residents and their neighbours to make a healthier safer community to live in. We help the residents living in the Dorset Park area. Find more information by calling 416-292-6912 ext.315.

Action for Neighbourhood Change

Action for Neighbourhood Change works to support residents in creating positive change within the neighbourhood. We help residents living in Dorset Park and surrounding areas.

Tropicana Community Services

This organization offers youth employment services. We help youth between the ages of 15 to 18 years. Find more information by calling 647-849-1543.

John Howard Society of Toronto

Services of this organization include assistance in applying for a pardon, housing supports, and addiction counseling. We help men who have been in conflict with the law, however the pardons program is open to both men and women. Find more information by calling 647-849-1542.

Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere

This organization provides counseling support and information to those who deal with someone with mental health challenges. F.A.M.E. offers ‘Care for the Caregiver’. We help family members who deal with someone with a mental health issue. Find more information by calling 416-913-2144.

The Extra Mile Ministries

The Extra Mile Ministries offers financial education for maintaining self-sufficiency. We help our neighbors make informed financial decisions that improve their lives and the lives of those they love. Find more information by calling 416-292-6912 ext.307.


Youth LEAPS offers after school academic support, academic counseling/planning, a GED program, support with  application for colleges, university and apprenticeships student and parent advocacy support.

We support the educational attainment needs of youth from radicalized and marginalized communities within Toronto’s east-end priority neighbourhoods. Our programs are designed to serve students 14-29 years old whether or not they are currently enrolled in school. Find more information by calling 416-292-6912 ext.318 or


CNIB has an onsite low vision clinic. We help people with low vision. Find more information by calling 647-849-1540.


Dorset Park Hub
1911 Kennedy Road Toronto